Laminated Color Glass In New York

Color Laminated Glass New York
Color Laminated Glass New York

Surely you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom space to give a more colorful and elegant touch to your entire room. You also want a different and original style that will impress and make an impact. Great! For this you need the laminated color glass, which not only brings a beautiful touch with its color, it´s also resistant secure and very durable.

If his eye catchy product you like, it will definitely continue to fascinate you a lot more, as this new trend not only helps to protect and secure, but also provides aesthetic attractive. They come in a range of light and dark colors, which you can use individually, or you can combine them to offer a diversity of color options.

Undoubtedly, having this tool in our company Shower Glass Installation NYC, will be an excellent investment. You can purchase it at very affordable prices using it as a decorative application for commercial and residential spaces, including windows, walls, stairs, storefronts and railings; it is the ideal product for your project in mind!

Characteristics and specifications of laminated color glass.

Laminated color glass, is very similar to transparent laminated glass, with the difference of a colored interlayer. It´s a new alternative that allows for a wide range of colors, ranging from soft transparent and translucent to opaque and more intense color. They are manufactured with float glass, although they are also available in special glasses.

This alternative includes low iron content (transparent) and a variety of dyes. It consists of 3-19 mm thickness with a maximum specification of 2440* 7000 mm. and it is composed of two or more layers of glass that are bonded together with an interlayer by heat and pressure. In addition to this PVB interlayer, other materials such as colors interlayer and fabrics can be included.

It can also be combined with metal mesh and other decorative glass products and finishes. It is a very spectacular type of glass ideal for interior and exterior projects, including bathroom doors, wall facades, windows, partitions, ceilings, walls, stairs, furniture, and more… is short, it will be fantastic to show off this wonderful creation in your spaces!

Advantages of laminated color glass.

Laminated color glass is definitely a great ally in decoration of both residential and commercial spaces. In the place or space where they are displayed, they provide that magical, unique and special touch. Here are some benefits that characterize this beautiful tool:

·         These are ideal for indoor and outdoor projects.

·         It transforms and enlivens living and working spaces.

·         It offers all the possibilities in decoration.

·         These are made of heavy duty security material.

·         It adds elegance and decoration at the same time.

·         It comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

·         It creates a reflective and colorful environment.

·         It offers decorative harmony with the other elements of the environment.

·         It delicately reflects light by interacting with other objects in the environment.

·         It can stop the wave of noise and sound.

·         It avoids sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

·         It is an indivisibles glass.

Of course, there are several advantages of laminate color glass, which is the reason why it has become very popular nowadays, and has become a trend, because of its effects of the great variety of color that characterizes it, it is a very sophisticated, striking and important complement that deserves prominence in interior and exterior decorations.

The best laminated color glass manufactures in NYC.

In Shower Glass Installation NYC, we have a fully professional and trained personal in the production of pieces with laminated color glass of very high quality. Our objective is to achieve that our clients are completely satisfied with the investment to be made, achieving positive results in the short term with our quality service.

We have a series of catalogs with a wide range of this material in light, dark and opaque colors, where our clients can choose the one that best suits their needs, tastes and budget. With this methodological strategy we move forward tirelessly to the fulfillment of proposed plans. Visit us and see why we are the best!.


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Color Laminated Glass New York
Color Laminated Glass New York
Color Laminated Glass New York
Color Laminated Glass New York