Glass shower doors – original interior decision

Shower doors are an integral element of modern bathrooms. Due to their special qualities, they perform both practical and decorative functions. Today, they are made as an independent element, and can act as part of the shower. Glass is an ideal material in this case because it allows you to correctly zone not a very large space. In addition, shower glass doors are an essential element of the modern style. Of course, these are not all the benefits of this product.

Glass shower doors are very popular not only because of aesthetic properties but also due to their high practical value. They are easy to maintain and operate. In addition, they are resistant to moisture, which is very important, because the door for the glass shower is installed in a room with high humidity. Glass products are quite stable. Minor mechanical shocks cannot damage the structure. Glass doors are durable and look very elegant.
Modern glass shower doors are not only reliable constructions. Giovani Glass offers you to choose models that look stylish and attractive. The main material of manufacture is glass, which meets not only quality standards, but also fascinates with texture. Our specialists have many years of experience that allows you to create designer masterpieces. You may choose the following variants:
 opaque, transparent and super-transparent glass;
 • decorative design with a different coating;
• tinted glass in different versions - blue, bronze and graphite;
• texture options;

We may also produce glass partitions for the bathroom. Everything depends on your choice, but we guarantee you that in return you will get durable and beautiful glass products.