Sliding Door for the Shower

Sliding shower doors are becoming more and more popular.
Experts and users fairly give the palm of the championship to sliding mechanism as it has a number of advantages, in particular:
§ it practically does not take place;
§ the method of opening does not require the presence of space in front of the shower cabin;
§ the structure is strong enough under the condition of reliable fastening and strength of the walls;
§ Easy installation.

The opening mechanism is to move the door on special rails, which are fastened to the enclosing walls at the top and bottom of the cabin. Free movement of the doors are provided by rollers and bearings. Another mechanism option is an internal or a closed device. The frame for glass sliding doors for the shower is made of various materials: metal alloy, pure aluminum or metal plastics.
Removable or frameless models simplify maintenance of the design. The door in this case is held by one top roller. The installation of special profiles with gaskets or latches helps to ensure the maximum adherence of the valves to each other and to prevent the penetration of moisture from the outside.

The main condition for prolonged operation of sliding doors is the proper care and careful handling. The mechanism should be used smoothly, strong and sharp movements are unacceptable here. The doors should be cleaned by a simple sponge and non-aggressive detergents to avoid scratches. Giovani Glass recommends to consider tempered glass for your shower doors, this glass is durable, safe and easy in care.
Helpful hint! If your shower cubicle is very small in size or it is used by people of a large constitution, then installing the opening sliding mechanism of the inner face is not the best idea. This may cause inconvenience when taking water procedures.