Surely it has ever happened to you that you want to take a shower in your bathroom quietly, however, you do not have the comforts, and because of this, you think about how ideal it would be to acquire a perfect shower, color, and shape. You already have the solution! You can choose between non-standard shower cabins, available to elegantly set and decorate your rooms.

However, buying a tool like this is something that should not be done lightly, so you have to know where to buy it. Being the best option for this, Shower Glass Installation NYC. It is most recommended to acquire products of this nature, so essential in these moments of your life. 

Which can bring tranquility and comfort. So the problem was solved!

We provide you with all the payment facilities for the purchase of this alternative, with which you can, in addition to showering serenely, transform and remodel your space in the room. You will also find a wide variety of beautiful and different models that will be a charm, and that will also fit perfectly in your space, no matter how small or large it may be.

Learn more about non-standard shower cabins

Certainly, at present, this fantastic tool has regained great popularity, such as non-standard shower cabins, both in standard and individual configurations, since they have the main attraction, and that is that they present a wide range of designs, in which you can choose the shape, even the desired height, and width. Without a doubt, they are the ideals!

Non-standard glass showers present effective protection against leaks and meet safety requirements according to the quality of the glass it has, this being another one of its attractions. It is important to know that when non-standard dimensions or shapes of cubicles are required, non-standard glass shower doors made to measure should be chosen.

Hence, the question: When is a non-standard shower cabin necessary? In this case, it is the most suitable for a bathroom in the attic, where the ceiling of the bathroom has a slope, for which the standard rectangular cabin may not fit there. And that is when this fabulous tool fits like a glove, to give those elegant touches and make a difference in your rooms.

Similarly, when the shower enclosure is in the form of a complete room, it must generally be much larger than the offers available on the market for standard solutions. In this sense, such a cabin can only be made individually based on precise measurements of all the necessary parameters to achieve an optimal result.

For its creation, materials with highly strong and resistant properties are used, such as tempered glass with a thickness from 4 to 10 mm, with its stainless steel kit and modern finishing methods, which can allow original solutions of high quality, with style and very modern. On the other hand, they feature very reliable connections with durable mechanisms.


• Offers a variety of models and designs • Provides a modern and attractive appearance • It is decorative and functional • Features strong and durable material • All its connections and mechanisms are reliable and durable • They offer elegance and comfort • They fit small or large spaces • They are easy to clean • They provide a feeling of bright and spacious spaces • It complements the other elements of the environment • Increase the value of the stay

The best manufacturers of non-standard shower cabins

At Shower Glass Installation NYC, you will have available a wide variety of excellent quality glass and mirror products that will serve for the remodeling and renovation of residential and commercial spaces. Which you can get at attractive and surprising prices. That is our main objective: adjust to the needs and budget of the client.

We offer glass shower doors and enclosures in standard and individual configurations in the most beautiful and striking designs. The entire team that makes us up, including engineers, architects, designers, interior designers, and glaziers, will always be attentive to listen to your proposals and work hard to meet and meet your expectations.

We are committed to quality and service for everyone, with no exception. Our passion for glass and innovative spirit results in never-before-seen quality products such as architectural glass, pool fencing, frosted glass, tinted glass, glass shower doors, and many more custom options that will accomplish your purpose. Your needs.

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