Advantages of glass shower partitions

Advantages of glass shower partitions

Today, there are many ways to design bathrooms. Along with the classical forms, modern methods and functional objects, such as a glass partition for a shower, are rapidly gaining popularity. It copes with a number of tasks, both practical and aesthetic. In more detail about the features of the design and the rules of its choice will tell this article.

The shower screen is the best way to solve the problem in creating a small enclosing structure in the bathroom. The purpose of using such a product is to make the room for water treatment not only functional, but also practical, comfortable and beautiful. The peculiarity of this piece of furniture is its versatility. The partition can be chosen literally for any bathroom. Ideally - to produce custom-made, taking into account the necessary dimensions and features of the room.

The absence of frames, jumpers and frame give the product a visual lightness, airiness, even weightlessness. As a rule, for the manufacture of glass partitions in the bathroom using tempered glass, characterized by heat-resistant and ultra-strong characteristics. Such material is stronger than ordinary glass several times. Even if the glass is broken, then the fragments will be blunt, so the chance to cut yourself is excluded.

Externally, it is a piece of sheet glass of a certain size. Most often there are models without a frame with fittings, which is mounted directly on the glass. This is a frameless partition. If the structure has a frame, then aluminum framing in the form of a profile can be added. This is a frame partition.

The partition in the bathroom is installed in two cases: when it is necessary to divide the room into functional zones without damage to the total area or with the aim of arranging the shower stall. Both options are advantageous in favor of glass partitions, since two tasks are accomplished at once: design and functional.

Partitions help most efficiently distribute the space in the bathroom of any size.