Frosted or clear glass?

Glass in the shower is a very convenient, modern and practical option for installing and enclosing bathroom space. Such designs are very convenient and safe to maintain. Before you choose it is worth considering only one moment, the choice of frosted or clear glass. The offered information will help to understand and select the appropriate options.

The manufacture of shower doors allows the use of several materials:
Polystyrene is a special plastic that is lightweight and resistant to the environment. However, it requires reverent care and cannot ensure a long service life;
Tempered glass is a more durable material that provides a stylish appearance and hygienic use.

Comparison of frosted and clear glass. Both of the proposed options enjoy high demand and even over time will be very advantageous to look in the design of the room. What to choose and which option has the best performance?

The security of both options is quite high, as they meet the same safety standards and requirements.
clear glass
clear glass

Transparent shower
Transparent shower has the following advantages:
• Visual "weightlessness" and ease of construction;
• The effect of expansion of space, which is especially important for small bathtubs and bathrooms;
• Ability to more easily adapt to the environment and high versatility.
• Choosing this offer will create a more spacious and bright bath.

Frosted  glass
Frosted  glass
Matte shower
Buying a matte shower also has several advantages:
• Close the review from the outside (which is very important for a combined bathroom);
• The dispersion of the incoming light occurs gently;
• Any kind of scratch or dried liquid is not visible on the surface.

This option allows you to create a more expensive and spectacular interior design space. We can say that this option is more optimal and interesting in terms of design. Thus, the choice in favor of one or another option is limited only by individual preferences and wishes. In any case, you will be satisfied with the purchase, and the glass for the shower will serve for many years and will always please you.