Shower enclosure with or without tray, practical and elegant trends for your dream spa

Shower cabin
Shower cabin

Can you imagine remodeling your bathroom? Are you determined to give your shower style a makeover? Here we offer you the most valuable tips when it comes to selecting a spectacular shower. Since the 21st century, every room in the house has evolved, including the bathroom, its shower and other parts. Here appears the idea of the shower enclosure with or without tray as a trend when projecting this place of the bathroom.

The showers nowadays are framed in the scheme of contemporary designs with very practical, useful and fashionable ideas, where light and metallic colors are the protagonists. In this sense; the shower space is projected in our days as a very clear area, sometimes; transparent and clear only with the necessary implements.

Showers and shower cubicles are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes, including elegant showers with exclusive designs, rectangular showers and space-saving corner shower cubicles that adapt to the requirements of the bathroom.

The traditional wide bathtubs are replaced by shower enclosures. In this way you can play with the location and accessories, here appears the option to select your shower enclosure with or without shower tray.

The shower enclosures are the accessory that gives the face for the shower enclosure, which are combined with the presence or absence of the tray that defines the shape and utility of the shower enclosure.

Shower cubicle with tray

Shower cubicle with tray

It is a cabin with doors adjusted and completely assembled to a surface superior to the integral floor of the bathroom, these plates are usually of materials in trend, that is to say marble, special porcelains, special plastics and even metallized. All according to personal taste.

The shower tray fits perfectly with every corner of the shower and is especially for spaces that have amplitude and can be applied a spacious and very original detail.

The application of shower trays implies the installation of a good shower enclosure that is impeccable and avoids water leaks.

The shower trays are very varied, however we highlight the following: 

  • The traditional porcelain shower trays 
  • The lighter plates, made of acrylic material.
  • Synthetic trays made of resin. 

Advantages of the shower enclosure with tray.

 Among the advantages we highlight:

  • It is manufactured for long life 
  • The cleaning of the shower enclosure is easy and practical
  • It is a very homogeneous design and much more economical.

Shower enclosure without tray

This type of floor-level showers or walk-in shower enclosures lack an adjoining surface or a
kind of over-floor in the selected perimeter of the shower head. It is a design that is within the modern uses for this space of the bathroom.

The showers without shower trays are applied in order to escape from the fragmentation of space, in this way; they are an excellent tool to create the desired feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

They are pieces that combine modernity with extension when it comes to the design of the shower and its cabin respectively, always in search of comfort and practicality. They are very useful for those designs that are ready to be remodeled with mobility in their accessories.

These shower enclosures without tray create a safe, elegant and diaphanous environment and have a very relevant aspect to the view and taste of the decoration for the equipping of the bathroom and its aspects of use.

In this case, if you decide to apply a shower enclosure without tray, we tell you that this type of design gives a face of value and tranquility, especially for access to this part of the bathroom, which lacks steps, walls or any kind of separation.

If you analyze the design, you will find a wide shower from wall to wall attached to the floor with luxury coatings or very personal details, excellent choice at the time of your turn of relaxation and grooming, with practical and comfortable spaces without barriers between the floor and walls.

Then the water in the cabins without shower tray falls directly on the floor so it is necessary to take care of the slope of the floor so that the water flows easily, all this hand in hand with a good screen that takes care of the escape of water from the shower.

Advantages and Uses of the shower enclosure without shower tray

The use and application of the walk-in shower enclosure has come as an alternative solution when redecorating and redesigning the bathroom, where the shower enclosure appears as the main point of remodeling.

Here are some advantages of walk-in shower enclosures:

  • They are an excellent choice when it comes to saving space.
  • They give the bathroom that modern, out-of-the-ordinary style.
  • They are more economical and less labor-intensive. 
  • Their flush-to-floor design presents a modern and comfortable shower area 
  • The dimensions of your shower are up to you and your imagination.

We hope it is of benefit this series of tips on decorating your dreamed bathroom shower enclosure, where the options of presence or absence of plate are chosen by you, you can also visit more tips in our related articles such as:

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