Glass Bath Partitions

Glass Bath Partitions
Glass Bath Partitions
Everyone who buys a new apartment, or is repairing an existing one, tries to arrange all of its premises in accordance with their own taste and preferences. Bathroom - one of these places. How to decorate it so that the adoption of water procedures takes place in the most comfortable conditions, and what needs to be done for this?

Glass partitions and blocks for a bathroom

The bathroom should be comfortable, functional and beautiful at the same time.

To achieve the objectives and decorate the room using glass partitions, which are divided into two types:

Glass panels. They are made of solid tempered glass and do not take up much space in the bath room. Panels can be completely transparent or opaque, tinted or sandblasted;
Glass blocks. Collected from the separate glass blocks presented in different color schemes. Their surface can be matte, translucent, grooved or glossy. A partition made of glass blocks provides additional heat and sound insulation to the bathroom.
Glass partitions are made of environmentally friendly and transparent material. They divide the bathroom into zones, without disturbing the holistic visual perception of its space. Another reason to install the partition is to isolate the room from excessive moisture and sprays that form during bathing.

Making glass partitions for the shower

Often in the bathroom they install a shower stall, the walls of which are made of solid glass panels or erected with glass blocks. Their use allows you to make the room lighter. Due to their design features, such partitions let in a lot of light.

Where to buy glass partitions for bath and shower wholesale

Glass Bath Partitions
Glass Bath Partitions
Large batches of glass partitions must be ordered directly from manufacturers.

Small wholesale deliveries of glass partitions for a bathroom or shower can be made using offers from suppliers and various online stores. Usually on the wholesale supply discounts.

Glass partitions to order

Many companies offer a custom manufacturing service for glass partitions. This method helps to embody the ideas of the customer, to perform the original versions of partitions with the application of a drawing specially developed by the designer or using photo printing. Partitions of irregular shape and size can be made.

After the project is approved, the installation wizard will make the necessary measurements and install the structural elements as soon as possible. Usually installation lines do not exceed 3-5 days.

Glass Bath Partitions
Glass Bath Partitions
Sliding glass partitions

Partitions of this type assume the presence of special glass panels, which are moved apart by means of a rail mechanism. They are attached to the floor, walls and ceiling of the bathroom.

Sound insulation is ensured by the presence in the construction of special flexible seals.

Glass panels can be frosted or decorated using various techniques to give the partition an attractive appearance.