Variants of stylish glass partition walls

glass bathroom partitions
glass bathroom partitions

Interior design of the bathroom in accordance with modern trends involves the use of the most light and open design solutions. One of the options - beautiful glass partitions. Such fences perform several functions at once - they help to zone the room, open access to the light, and bring a sense of freedom and lightness to the surroundings. At the same time, the direct role of partitions should also not be excluded - glass serves as an excellent barrier to the spread of water splashes.

From glass, you can create a beautiful partition that can pass the maximum amount of light and not overload the space. Making the same from other materials is problematic. Even the most modern solutions will not look as elegant as a glass wall. And the hygiene of glass is beyond doubt.

Design features of glass partition walls

Shower partitions can be presented in very different designs. They differ in size, both in length and in width and height, can be decorated with drawings and patterns. But the main design feature of such products is their shape - it is by this criterion that in most cases the choice of model takes place. Among all the variety of shower partitions made of glass, there are options:

• linear;
• corner;
• trapezoidal;
glass bathroom partitions
glass bathroom partitions
• semicircular.

Linear-type partitions are products of simple shapes in the form of a rectangle or square, without bends. They are ideal for decorating the interior of a classic bathroom - with a rectangular traditional bowl of plumbing. Such partitions can be solid or combine several canvases connected on an aluminum frame. It is possible to install linear walls from one side of the bath, and from all 4 if necessary. Straight walls can also be used for zoning space as walls.

Corner glass shower partitions are the best choice for fencing corner baths. Such plumbing equipment, located at the junction of two walls, will be securely fenced from the rest of the space of the room. Corner partitions are installed permanently, fastened using a metal frame or special mounts.

Trapezoidal glass partition walls look great in spacious rooms, framing large baths or trays. In this case, the design is complemented by a glass door (sliding or hinged - depending on the wishes of the owner).

Semicircular partitions - one of the fashion trends of recent years. Bent glass looks amazing and easily copes with the tasks. The product is suitable for installation in rooms of any size. Such a partition opens and closes by moving the rounded wall along special “rails” - guides.

It is worth knowing that all glass doors for the shower are made of durable, hardened raw materials using anodized aluminum, resistant to corrosion and can be used in rooms with high humidity.

Stylish solution: original interior design

The functionality of the glass partitions is beyond doubt. But the role of this detail when creating a stylish interior is not worth detracting. With the help of beautiful transparent walls you can easily:

• divide one room into several zones - for swimming, rest, • care;
• make the light streams “play” in the room;
• give the design a complete look.

glass bathroom partitions
glass bathroom partitions
Glass doors or walls can be made of transparent or colored material, be frosted, mirrored, with attractive patterns, sandblasted ornaments. Choosing a partition in the bathroom, you prefer one or another original interior solution and bring a fashionable element into your home.

The partition in the combined bathroom will be irreplaceable. So you can use glass cloth as a separator between the zones of the toilet and bathing.

Pros and cons of using glass partitions

What are the advantages of glass as a raw material for the production of shower partitions? It is a transparent, light transmitting material. He became the only option for the manufacture of fences with high functionality. After their installation, the room remains visually holistic and free.

An equally weighty argument for the purchase of a glass partition for a shower and bath is the high strength of the structures. Tempered glass can be further reinforced with a transparent, inconspicuous film. It is glued to the surface and remains visually and tactilely imperceptible. In case of accidental damage, such a reinforced canvas will not shatter into small fragments - all the particles will remain glued to the film.

It is equally important to remember that glass is one of the most sanitary and hygienically clean and safe materials. No pollution lingers on its surface