Architectural Glass New York

Architectural Glass New York
Architectural Glass New York

Have you ever heard or architectural glass? It probably sounds more familiar to you if we refer to it as the glass used in the buildings of New York City. It´s a material with endless possibilities, being today, full symbol of vanguardism, able to bring style to any environment. It´s the best option for the desired new construction project.

Shower Glass Installation NYC, offers you the most sophisticated and exclusive architectural glass service that will bring that touch of distinction and elegance to your project, with the highest quality materials available. So if you are looking for luxury, elegance or simply something different, original and with design, contact us, we already have the solution to what you want.

With us as professionals we can advise you and make the perfect project complemented with architectural glass adapted to your needs and preferences. You will be able to achieve through this luxurious and resistant material very impressive artistic designs using advanced technology techniques with architectural influence.

Know more about architectural glass New York.

Architectural glass has become an excellent material, becoming the most indicated for all types of constructions, specially buildings and house. It´s used as a transparent material in the facades and exterior areas of buildings, as well as in interiors serving as separations or as a feature of architectural decoration.

Its main and important quality is its hardness, which makes it very secure. Likewise, its translucency, hardness and brightness make it the most suitable material for the enclosure of all types of constructions, including the windows of external walls. Because it´s used in buildings, it´s a type of security glass, which includes reinforced, toughened and laminated glass.

Undoubtedly this type of glass has become an excellent allied for architects in New York, where the trend towards the use of this type of material is increasing every day. Its prominence has extended in all New York territory being used in the design of the buildings of this beautiful city, occupying a leading position in the great facades.


Architectural glass offers a wide range of benefits, some of these are:

·         Generates a luxurious appearance.

·         Provides security against impacts and falls.

·         The air chamber inside provides acoustic insulation and thermal insulation.

·         Crates stunning visual effects.

·         Allows you to see things on the other side.

·         Adds architectural style.

·         Provides a greater sense of size.

·         Allows you to take advantage of natural light.

·         Helps to create various decorating styles.

·         Save energy, generate brightness and bring elegance to projects.

·         Possess strong resistance to high temperatures and atmospheric factors.

·         Provides all the necessary sturdiness and resistance.

·         Makes the space spacious.

·         They remain in good condition for many years.

·         Generates comfort.

·         It has a high combination with other building materials.

The architectural glass experts in New York City.

At Shower Glass Installation NYC, we are an expert glass fabrication company that offers all our clients a wide variety of possibilities when purchasing architectural glass pieces. We strive to offer a service of great excellence, with advice and personalized attention giving answers to every question.

With the objective of covering the needs of the largest number of clients, we have a wide range of products, where we offer excellent quality material, such as the most sophisticated and resistant pieces of architectural glass with the best designs and styles, which will make a beautiful transformation in your spaces and in any construction project.

Our purpose is, and always will be to provide a professional service responding as fast as possible. Just contact us and ask without any compromise about prices, design ideas or any doubt you may have at the moment. Our specialized team will always be available to provide the solution and meet the proposed goals.


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Architectural Glass NYC
Architectural Glass NYC

Architectural Glass New York
Architectural Glass New York