Glass Screens For The Bathroom

Surely at some point, you have in mind to remodel the bathroom of your residence to avoid the storage of water when bathing. There will be no more worries because, in our company Shower Glass Installation NYC, we have the most impressive glass partitions for the bathroom, which will be ideal both to provide a solution to the splash of water, and to print elegance.

Of course, the product we offer for your bathroom is made of a highly qualified, resistant, and durable material, with a wide variety of designs that easily fit your spaces. They make the bathroom look much larger, brighter, and cleaner, presenting a more elegant and innovative look. With these screens, you will say goodbye to splashes of water!

In this way, glass partitions for the bathroom will become the most practical solution for your rooms, since their hermetic seal will prevent water from splashing out. With our professional and trained team, you will have the pertinent advice to achieve a perfect installation that will transform and give a pleasant atmosphere to your space.

Get to know more about glass screens for the bathroom

Glass partitions for the bathroom have become an alternative that, in addition to solving problems, provide transparency and a feeling of spaciousness. Of these, there is a great variety of totally frameless or semi-frameless designs, decorated with small reflections of colors and styles to embellish and give that special and differentiating touch from the others.

Hence, depending on the layout of the bathroom you have and the needs that arise, you can choose between frontal shower screens, rectangular shower screens, square shower screens, curved shower screens, and shower panels. And according to the type of opening, there are sliding, folding, or open panel. Everything to the good taste of the client!

Among other aspects that make glass partitions for the bathroom interesting and very popular is their resistance and solidity, this is due to the tempered safety glass and the thickness with which they are made. As for the thickness that is most in-demand, it is 6mm, although there is a variety that ranges from 4mm to 10mm. They are all great!

Advantages of glass screens for the bathroom

  • Aesthetically, the glass partitions for the bathroom are very beautiful and attractive.
  • They add lighting brightness and elegance
  • They adapt to any space
  • They are very durable and resistant
  • Cleaning is done easily and quickly
  • Create a feeling of spaciousness
  • They are ideal for preserving the privacy
  • They provide the room with a much cleaner and more pleasant aesthetic
  • They keep the room free from splashing water

The best in the elaboration of glass partitions for the bathroom in New York

At Shower Glass Installation NYC, we strive to offer high-level services with personalized attention so that you can crystallize your ideas. Here you will find, in addition to a professional team, a wide range of glass products to renovate and transform your residential and commercial spaces with unprecedented quality and extremely attractive prices.

Our specialized staff including engineers, glaziers, architects, designers, and the entire team will be waiting for any suggestion, comment, or doubt to provide a solution and help you in each project to be carried out. Thus our great purpose is to work tirelessly so that you achieve the best transformation in your rooms.

We have a wide variety of products made from glass and mirrors with the highest technology and a very advanced technique that makes them exclusive, in which you can get glass partitions for bathrooms, with functional, decorative, and aesthetic qualities, with a guarantee of durability, thanks to the laminated and tempered glass with which they are made.

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