Glass Screens For The Bathroom

Glass screens for the bathroom are designed to perform two functions:
• protect the bathroom from splashes when showering;
• visually differentiate the premises into functional zones.
The splash protection function is effectively achieved as glass bath screens completely eliminate water flow or splashing water when taking a shower in the bathroom.
The zoning function is also successfully achieved by using accessories from the most “airy” and invisible solutions to “massive” ones visually clearly dividing the placement of a bathroom into zones.
A glass screen for a bathroom made in compliance with all constructing requirements is absolutely safe to use, and Giovani Glass will help you make it according to an individual project, taking into account all your wishes and design features.
Glass bath screens offered by our company can be divided into the following groups:
- clear glass. Such a bath screen will not hide the silhouette of a person, but the whole structure will be practically invisible and will not visually reduce the room. This is an ideal glass bath screen, for example, designed in high-tech style or minimalism.

- frosted glass. When using frosted glass, bath screens make the shower area visually closed. Only the silhouette of the person will be visible from the outside. But,  as any other non-transparent glass, frosted  bath screens will visually reduce the room space.

- sandblasted glass. A shower screen with a sandblasted pattern can be the "golden choice", since on the one hand it will create additional comfort for the person and, on the other hand, such shower screens will decorate the bathroom. You can apply a wide range of sandblast patterns on the glass surface.

- patterned glass. Latest technologies offer hardened patterned glasses. Due to the peculiarities of fixing hinges for glass, a bath screen made of patterned glass can only be stationary.

Giovani Glass will offer you modern, reliable and safe bath screen constructions made from safety tempered glass 6 or 8 mm thick.