Individual approach to glass shower doors

The market of ready-made showers today is ready to offer hundreds and thousands of different models for almost every taste. However, a significant disadvantage of such solutions is their typicality, so when non-standard dimensions or shape of cubicles are required, you should choose custom-made non-standard glass shower doors.
When may we need a non-standard shower? Perhaps the most vivid example is a shower cabin for a bathroom in the attic. In this case, the bathroom ceiling has a slope, and a significant one; therefore, the standard rectangular cabin may not fit here.

Another example is the equipment of a shower cabin in the form of a whole room. In this situation, the cabin should be much larger than the available offers on the market for standard solutions, respectively, such a cabin can only be made individually, based on accurate measurements of all the necessary parameters.

Thanks to the individual design in the manufacture of a glass shower, it is easy to take into account all the nuances and wishes. For example, you can order the required number of blind elements, thus obtaining the cabin of the desired configuration. Also for each glass element, you can choose the desired height, width, and even shape.
Non-standard glass showers can have thousands of designs and this is their main highlight. However, this does not in any way cancel the strongest requirements for the quality of the cabin: all materials used must be strong, all connections must be reliable, and all mechanisms must be durable. In addition, the cabin must necessarily have effective protection against leakage and comply with safety requirements for the operation of glass.

Giovani Glass offers glass shower cabins and shower doors of both standard and individual configurations. We use 8-10 mm thick tempered safety glass, fitting kits from leading stainless steel manufacturers and modern finishing methods, which allow us to get original, high-quality, stylish and modern solutions.