15 Practical Ideas For Shower Glass Installation.

shower glass installation
shower glass installation

Do you want a shower with elegant, practical and clean glass? Here we show you simple but effective tips that clarify you doubts regarding the installation of shower glass for any room. First of all you must know the space and then, the measures with which you have for your shower.

But here we expand the above information with the following 15 Practical Ideas For Shower Glass Installation.:

  • Make sure you have all parts and accessories available.
  • You can take measurements to cut the length of the rail keeping the piece steady for the cuts.
  • You must sharpen the edges of the rail.
  • The don´t forget to fit the rail brackets for leveling, holding it steady, marking the points on the wall.
  • Make the holes and space augers to drill into the tiles.
  • Insert plastic tarugos and secure with screws temporarily on each side.
  • Spread clear silicone on the metal rail to attach the sides together with the screws.
  • Remember to place the rubber to cushion the doors on the sides.
  • Cover the screws with decorative caps.
  • Each side should have the same process as the glass support.
  • Finish the bases and supports.
  • Place the glass sheets with their screws graduating height and level of the doors.
  • Apply guides to avoid sliding sounds.
  • Place the sheets definitively in the supports.

Note that these are easy and simple steps that you can apply to achieve an effective installation of your shower glasses, always taking care of the details of the installation and the safety of the process, because they are heavy and very delicate materials when used in the bathroom.

Applicability of glass in the shower:

 Shower glasses are a trend that is here to stay, that is how we are talking about one of the most applied door styles today, since this material lends itself to play with designs, styles and forms. In this sense, we invite you to apply doors in your bathroom with shower glass.


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