How To Choose Shower Forms, Fascinating Tips.

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Not only for your personal hygiene tasks, but to fill you with energy and recharge, you need a shower that is comfortable, elegant and adjusted to your personal requirements. To make yours perfect, here are the best options on how to choose form.

Trends in shower forms.

Nowadays, we do away with the use of bath tubs for cabin showers, which are more practical and elegant. Here you must select the measurements and water exits of your bathroom to guarantee an excellent performance.

A shower contains a shower head and two faucets for water, with a kit and various accessories, especially with chrome material so popular today. A good choice are the column showers with various porcelain or metal supports and side jets and stainless steel models with metalized elements.

The modernization of the bathroom begins with the search for comfort and the shower is the main protagonist, therefore, it´s essential to have accessories according to your bathroom.

Choosing the shape for the shower.

The shower should have a measure adjusted to the space, in such sense, we emphasize that they are distinguished by being relatively small, modern and very versatile offering a more compact and functional style.

Shower size.

It´s important to measure the space to apply a useful and comfortable shower, however we recommend that you use a standard measure of 90 cm wide by 125 cm long, this in order to give practicality to the selected space.


Forms for the shower.

We recommend creating harmony with the rest of the bathroom furniture, combined with a small sink integrated by a cabinet and floating toilets that do not have to rest on the floor. As for the shower enclosures, the transparent ones are an excellent choice. Metallic accessories go very well with this style.


Rectangular shower.

Rectangular shower


They are the best suited to any bathroom space.

Irregular shower.

Irregular shower


It does not have a defined form, the combination of form and orientation appears, applied for space saving and utilization.

Square shower.

Square shower

It´s oriented by left and right sides defining and exact square, it´s an option for very small bathrooms.

Italian shower.

Italian shower

These are the showers that are in the vanguard with special sensations of space for its transparent cubicles; its floor is the same floor option for small bathrooms.

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