How to choose a shape for the shower?

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "шестиугольная стеклянная душевая кабина"
Forms of shower cabins can be very diverse. It is quite easy to determine the forms of cubicles: this is just a matter of the available area of ​​the bathroom and a matter of taste.
The most common forms that many suppliers offer are:

Asymmetrical showers
Asymmetrical is best suited to extravagant individuals who appreciate the elegance and originality of design solutions. But this option is also great for bathrooms that have non-standard corners and walls.

Square showers
Square-shaped models are optimal. They can easily be mounted in the corner or near the walls (the model will hide their curvature). The design is stable, stable and balanced. And this is also the best option for perfectionists, since naturally such a cabin will look great.

Corner showers
Corner models are most often represented by semi-circular shower cubicles. They are safe for both children and adults and are best suited for young families with small-sized housing. Such booths do not take up much space, on the contrary they save it due to installation close to the wall.

Wall mounted showers
If the bathroom has even walls and a rather rather large free area, then a wall-side booths would be a good option. One of their walls, they are completely adjacent to the wall of the bathroom.

Rectangular showers
Rectangular - one of the most sought after by customers, so almost all manufacturers are pleased to offer a huge selection of such models. Put a wash basin or a washing machine is now no problem.

Pentagonal showers
And finally, not the most popular - pentagonal showers. Perfect for installation in homes with a large area of ​​bathrooms. Usually they have in their arsenal a huge number of functional add-ons, but they are harder to install and more expensive than their above-described counterparts. But it's worth it. Because such a shower will look very cool and stylish.