Doors with triplex

Doors with triplex
Modern design trends involve the creation of concise interiors with the use of light shades and original materials.

For example, glass is increasingly used to decorate
interior doors. In addition to the traditional wooden structures with glass inserts, one-piece canvases made from this material are also popular.

The all-glass door looks original, better transmits light and adds visual lightness to the interior, thanks to the transparency of the canvas.

Doors triplex in the interior

Triplex is a multilayer material: two glass panels separated by a transparent dense polymer film. Externally, the material is indistinguishable from ordinary glass, while triplex is more resistant to mechanical stress and has good noise absorbing properties.

In addition, if the glass panel is broken, then the fragments remain glued to the film, and not scattered on the floor surface. Thus, triplex is safer in homes with young children than ordinary glass doors.

The feature of interior doors triplex consists in their visual lightness, thanks to which the massive construction is perceived as weightless and “airy”. Therefore, triplex doors are actively used for the visual expansion of small rooms.

In addition, the technology of triplex involves a variety of options for decorating solid glass paintings. Among them - sandblasting equipment, three-dimensional images, matte surface.

Interior doors with glass triplex

Before installing interior doors with glass triplex, it is necessary to study their main features. The triplex glass door is an ideal option for rooms with a high level of humidity (bathrooms, kitchens).

Polymer film is resistant to regular temperature changes and moisture, so these doors will last a long time, without changing their visual characteristics.

Fans of original interior solutions will appreciate all-glass doors using triplex technology. Due to the multi-layered, the design has good sound-absorbing properties, and the abundance of decor options will allow you to install doors in rooms with any style of interior.