About Us

In our wonderful company Shower Glass Installation, we are ready to support you in everything related to the remodeling of the different spaces of your home, especially in New York City. In this way, our staff works every day to give you ideas and fascinating recommendations for the decoration and first-class advice regarding all the materials to be applied.

When it comes to glass work, we are pioneers in glass work with exemplary and highly certified projects of proven quality thanks to our extensive experience and impeccable finish.
The company since it opened its doors, just over two decades, has always worked with a vision that includes productions derived from the glass industry and combinations of the same for different projects, all with a variety of high-quality accessories that give that enhancement to each piece. We have everything related to complements because we take care of your remodeling from the smallest detail to the culmination of it.

Our works with everything related to glass and details for the home, this is how our work covers projects of bathrooms, cabins, shower doors, different types of screens, accessories, and a multiplicity of finishes in detail in glass models. It then works that can be seen in many productions that are applied throughout the city of New York.

We are the most requested by clients in the most populated residential areas in the demanding city of New York with a high acceptance rate for Shower Glass Installation, this is because we work with references and palpable evidence. Our materials to work with are always of first quality that integrates accurate and very elegant projects.

From our stores, we serve our varied and special clientele with a team of excellent customer service and prepared to deliver the best of their training in every job they do, giving professional advice and personalized services in the selected place to decorate or remodel and with reviews for perfect selections that fit your budgets.

For the case of shower doors and similar pieces in the home, we work with everything related to new trends in glass, engraved glass, frosted glass pieces, chrome, and stainless steel accessories, tempered glass, high-quality faucets, and modern details that fit into every place, special screens, fences and a myriad of projects that can cover all the requirements of decoration and utility at home or anywhere else you need, just locate us and you will not regret it.

For such reasons, in this wide company, we are entirely ready to give you all the necessary support for the redecoration of your home, especially the shower doors in your bathrooms with the different personal details that you want to apply. To do this leave everything in our expert hands and let your imagination flow, so our wonderful team will be happy to assist you and give you the necessary advice for the selection of first-class materials and the immediate execution of each piece you want to install.