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Etched Glass Shower Doors NYC
Etched Glass Shower Doors NYC

Do you want to remodel the house of your dreams with glass, but you have no idea what type to choose? And maybe you also want more privacy? Because of this, you can opt for an incredible alternative that will ultimately bring you great results. We are referring to etched glass, of exceptional quality, a product that we manufacture at Shower Glass Installation NYC, this being your best option.

It is a product with great practical and decorative advantages from which you can enjoy the added beauty, elegance, and privacy that it prints. Our company gives you the guarantee of the resistance and durability that it presents. Since it is made of tempered and frosted glass, it is extra strong that provides much more solidity. Without a doubt, it will be an excellent investment!

Thanks to the great variety of designs that includes engraved glass, you can obtain luxury customization according to your proposals. It is a form of art in white, black, and gold that will give prominence to your rooms. So there is nothing more successful than acquiring this exclusive product of impressive quality from the hands of experts.

Specifications of etched glass

Etched glass is an innovative product that includes a wide range of models, designed to personalize and create a more sophisticated environment. Its carved and decorative design on its surface is due to the corrosive action of hydrofluoric acid, which results in a rough and frosted or satin and translucent surface with a diffuse or frosty appearance.

This alternative offers a wealth of opportunities for architects, interior designers, and decorators due to its quality, consistency, durability, and rich outlook. It has a wide variety of applications that you can notice in interior and exterior doors, showers, cabinets, railings, handrails, floors, stairs, offices, etc.

Due to its attractive and privacy qualities, it continues to be the type of glass in trend by users for any type of residential or commercial remodeling. Since it is a technique used both in tempered glass and frosted glass, with a thickness of 3 to 10 mm, which makes it very exclusive. So, it will always be a wise move to opt for this type of high-level material!

Advantages of etched glass

  • Has an attractive aesthetic
  • It offers customization thanks to the great variety of its designs
  • Elegantly provides privacy
  • It is extra resistant and strong
  • Reduces light reflections
  • Provides utility and signage
  • Guarantees privacy without giving up the passage of light
  • Applies to commercial and residential spaces
  • Achieves a remarkable variety of decorative effects
  • Add dimension and depth to interiors
  • It is a cheap alternative


The extensive trajectory and experience that we have gives us reliability and qualifies us as the masters in the manufacture of glass pieces that add beauty, art, and functionality. Among these stands out the engraved glass, achieving exceptionally with an exclusive material of high durability and resistance, which is applied in home and commercial spaces.

For the production of high-level pieces, we have a team of highly professional and expert engineers, architects, and glaziers. These give detailed advice on the selection of products according to the project to be carried out, and in the same way, they offer the fair and necessary information to know more in-depth about the product that is acquired, and its installation.

Our specialized team performs on a wide range of glass applications, including etched glass, shower doors, partitions, glass panels, weathered glass, architectural glass, etc. All of these are unique and original works of art, designed by our excellent staff. We are committed to the quality of innovative products!

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