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Neo Angle NYC
Neo Angle NYC

It´s a very common intention nowadays to save space and take advantage of every corner of your home is the central idea in decorations. Are you looking for a shower design with an excellent look and dreamy functionality here in New York City? Here are the best tips for you to have a wonderful shower with the application of Neo Angle Showers.

Nowadays, shower enclosures have taken a complete turn in their designs and structures, especially for their durability and fashion that is imposed day by day, in that particular, aesthetic expression is essential in a city as demanding for tastes as it is New York.

In this line, from our successful company, Shower Glass Installation NYC you can select a variety and diversity of models and designs for the decoration of your bathroom with fascinating alternatives and a great diversity of options that fit your personal space with products and materials fully guaranteed and recognized in the market.

For this, we offer you orientations with highly trained teams that can give you all the tools in your requests related to the remodeling and creation of spaces in your home with special applications and at the best price in the market that will make your work an unforgettable experience with this company.

Specification of neo angle.

The new angle is applied for cabin-type showers, especially in corners of rooms and personal interest spaces. This kind of design applies shower enclosures with glass panels to achieve much more effective faucet fixing, all intending to save space on the bathroom floor, so the side panels identifying the shower enclosure can be located between 4 and 5 degrees.
Usually, this type of design includes shower trays as a substitute for porcelain or other flooring materials for such space, because it couples the structures themselves with the floor designed in the shower tray or shower plate.
Framing is according to your requirements.
Generally, the application of frames for this shower design is not very usual, because the support is naturally generated with the shower model, that is to say; sometimes you could apply it but we recommend you to apply only the basic supports to give a that simple and elegant look to the shower. The accessories and sheets that are installed in the Neo Angle are very safe and your bathing area will be entirely protected.
The Neo Angle shower model points towards the corner shower model, the reason is very simple; the space-saving is preponderant and enhances the appearance of the shower with a different model that lets you move your imagination as to the orientation of the environment to decorate and use.

Here are some of the Neo Angle styles.

The Neo Angle allows the bathroom to acquire a contemporary touch and its details of cladding and accessories are very variable. In that particular, we highlight materials such as:
- Clear Glass.
- Tempered Glass, among others. But if you are looking for privacy, frosted glass is the most recommended by our company.
All styles can be adjusted to the tastes of the client and the patterns let you see your model completely in this space, that is, it is a shower enclosure that can be distinguished in all its design angles.

Installation advantages of the Neo Angle.

- This type of corner shower enclosure requires less available space in the bathroom.
- They are much more useful than traditional shower enclosures with limited and specific dimensions.
- The Neo Angle is a very good option for people looking for comfort and practicality.
- It also stands out for its visibility with good illumination of the space.
- They give a very elegant and striking look, they are different pieces with a new utility.
We are the best alternative for the installation of Neo Angle in the cosmopolitan city of New York.
We emphasize that we are a highly qualified company in the market for more than two decades of excellent work, we work with a team of a certified personnel who every day explore new options and are at the forefront of fashion so that all your tastes are pleased as a customer, thus providing a decade of direct attention to your home, office, business or space you want to remodel or decorate.
In Shower Glass Installation we work with the ethics of attention and careful service, with first-class materials, where the verification of each service we provide is high level and 100 % reliable. The taste and preferences of the client are the starting points for our daily work, which we combine with the current style and recommendations for you to have an excellent job.
Therefore, we offer you a multiplicity of fashionable pieces and materials that will give you that impressive aesthetic touch and you will undoubtedly be satisfied with your bathroom remodeling project with the application of the Neo Angle.

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Neo Angle NYC
Neo Angle NYC
Neo Angle NYC
Neo Angle NYC