Electric Privacy Glass New York
Electric Privacy Glass New York

The electric privacy glass is an excellent high-tech tool that makes it possible through a switch to transform a transparent glass into an opaque one in a fraction of seconds. Its effect surprises! The spaces can be visually separated in a short time by simply activating a button. So nothing better than acquiring it from people who are experts in the field.

Shower Glass Installation NYC exclusively manufactures this innovative product, with a wide variety of both aesthetic and functional applications, which stands out for its very own characteristic quality and also for its simplicity of use, its quick installation, and its low energy consumption. There’s no doubt this alternative is ideal for what you long for!

If you need privacy, it will be very easy to darken glass quickly without the need for a cumbersome installation, so we are talking about a modern and valuable alternative, available in all our stores, where you will have the opportunity to purchase it for its opacity, transparency, for the quality of filtering ultraviolet rays, and for its economical and attractive price.

What is Switch all about?

It is a novel alternative that applying electric current allows you to control the amount of light they transmit, which when activated changes from transparent to opaque. The effect that occurs in this system is due to a privacy sheet consisting of a polymer disperse film (PDLC), sandwiched between two layers of glass and two layers of adhesive.

This PDLC film is what allows changing its visual appearance, from opacity to transparency,an electricity source is necessary for ot. In addition to these impressive effects, this fantastic tool is applied in designer bathrooms, buildings, hospitals, restaurants, offices, museums, meeting rooms, etc.

Indeed, it is a new reality in the glass industry, increasing its purchasing growth in the market. In short, it is a high-tech application that also stands out for its aesthetics as well as for its amazing ability to change from one appearance to another, offering great utility with its transformation according to the needs of the moment.

Hence, with its acquisition, you can enjoy sunlight and clarity in transparency when desired, and take advantage of the privacy it offers when the situation requires it. As for maintenance, due to the resistant and durable material with which it is made, it is simple and easy to clean, so it does not require any special chemical product.

Features of Switch

  • It has a high degree of ultraviolet ray filtration
  • Provides security and privacy
  • Significantly save power consumption
  • Significantly reduces noise
  • It is easy to apply
  • Provides durability and reliability
  • Offers visual comfort
  • Applies in residential or commercial spaces
  • switch instantly
  • Eliminates the spread of dust, mites, and bacteria
  • Replace curtains and windows
  • Maintenance is easy and simple

Where to buy Switch in New York?

The easiest way to purchase a high-quality product like electric privacy glass is through reputable, long-standing, and trusted companies like Shower Glass Installation NYC. We strive to offer the best of the alternatives of the moment, adjusted to the needs, tastes, and budget of the client. We are 100% the best option!

Furthermore, we are committed to quality and service for everyone without exception, providing them with the best products and services in the glass industry. All our pieces, in addition to performing their functions effectively, add beauty and elegance to residential and commercial decoration. We are the right and perfect place to purchase innovative products of unmatched quality.

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Electirc Privacy Glass Brooklyn NY
Electirc Privacy Glass Brooklyn NY