Shower glass doors are usually made of tempered mineral glass, heat-treated and polished. For doors with a height of more than 2 meters, it is recommended to used 8 mm thick glass, for 1.5meters doors with the sliding and folding systems, 6 mm glass can be used.

The cheapest door fittings for the shower are made of steel-aluminum alloys; hinges, handles, clamps of good quality are made from sanitary bronze or brass, with a protective coating of nickel. The most expensive fittings are made of nickel bronze with a coating based on nickel and silver alloys.
The specific design of the suspension of glass doors requires the use of special rubber or silicone damping plates, which provide low contact loads of metal and glass. Therefore, when installing door structures for a shower, it is important to properly tighten the clamps so that the mount is strong, but not rigid, otherwise, it can fail.

Glass doors resource is at least 15 years with proper care, subject to periodic maintenance of mechanical parts. Once a year you need to check the mounting of canopies and clamps, clean them from contamination, lubricate and adjust if necessary. The service life of the glass itself is not limited.

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