Etched Mirrors

Etched Mirrors Brooklyn New York
Etched Mirrors Brooklyn New York

Surely you are a person who has a taste for what is different, innovative, unique and impressively designed with personalized content. If we get this right, Shower Glass Installation NYC has the ideal product for what you want in your new project. We refer to the engraved mirrors made with the most beautiful personalized images.

In this case, to give more prominence to your spaces, this resource comes in handy, since if you are looking for them in different sizes, designs, and shapes, you will be able to see them in our catalogs so that you can choose the one that best provides you with what you are looking for. . Whether you choose a classic or modern engraved mirror, these will allow you to reap amazing benefits.

Indeed, these impressive luxury pieces will give you a very modern and elegant touch, imprinting that unique and original style that will make a difference and surprise many. Decorate your spaces with these types of mirrors where you can see beautiful images marked on them, without a doubt they will have an impact since they are recorded in a way never seen before.

Features and specifications of etched mirrors

Engraved mirrors are very important elements in the decoration of small or large spaces, residential or commercial; They add strength and elegance. Being well-placed, this extraordinary piece improves the view, expands small spaces, and also provides lighting. They are made of high resistance mirror glass with a thickness from 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, and up to 6 mm.

When fixing and installing engraved mirrors, it is recommended to follow instructions, for this, there are essentially some methods and classifications: Based on adhesion (using silicons and adhesive tape and using adhesive on the entire surface of the mirror.) On the other hand, there are those based on mechanical fixing: (utilizing screws and direct fastening to a frame).

Among the engraved mirror designs, you can find:

Engraved mirrors for keepsakes
Decorated engraved mirrors
mirrors engraved with flowers
Mirrors engraved for wedding
heart engraved mirrors
Square mirror engraved with names
colored engraved mirrors

The range of these beautiful products that allow decorating and transforming spaces at home or in the office is very wide. Whichever is chosen will offer that unique and original touch. It should be noted that for a good and guaranteed acquisition, it is ideal to turn to experts and professionals who know the smallest details of this precious decorative and functional tool.

Advantages of etched mirrors

In its design possibilities are almost endless
They are high-strength and durable
They provide beauty, elegance, luxury, and comfort
Its cleaning is very easy and simple
Transparent or colored designs can be created
Presents a truly unique and original artistic look
They are adaptable indoors and outdoors
environmental friendly
Used in residential and commercial spaces
It is an economical alternative to decorating rooms
Add light to small, dark spaces

Best Etched Mirror Makers in New York

All of our etched mirrors are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that they are not only stunningly beautiful but also strong and durable. They are so exclusive that they have no competition in the market, it is Shower Glass Installation, with its highly professional and expert team, who is in charge of making these pieces.

Undoubtedly, our products are created with the most ingenious technique of our engineers, architects, and glaziers, together with the high-quality materials for the production of the most exclusive pieces that provide the best in decoration. We always seek to adapt to the preferences of our clients, becoming accomplices in their projects.

We apply advanced techniques for the manufacture of high-quality mirror glass products, among which tempered and laminated glass stand out, where a decorative technique is implemented that allows any type of figure to be marked, from a flower, a heart, a name, or even a beautiful landscape or any other image and demanding design.

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Etched Mirrors NYC
Etched Mirrors NYC

Etched Mirrors Brooklyn NYC
Etched Mirrors Brooklyn NYC