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Glass Cabinets New York
Glass Cabinets New York

Perhaps you want to lighten the space of your kitchen a little more and at the same time give a minimalist, spacious and well-lit effect. Then nothing better than cabinets with glass. It is a surprising alternative that with different styles, colors and designs knows how to perfectly modernize and stylize the place. At Shower Glass Installation NYC, you can find what you want.

Of course, glass cabinets, with their storage space, allow you to have everything well organized, protected and placed so that objects, plates, or glasses look more attractive. It is a very essential tool for your home, which you can buy in different sizes and designs, at prices that fit your budget.

With this impressive resource in your kitchen you will obtain a charming result, because in addition to the order you will achieve, at the same time you will obtain a very beautiful and outstanding decoration. It will undoubtedly fascinate everyone! No matter how small or large your space is where you require it, this product will be easy to adapt, depending on your needs and preferences.

Glass Cabinet Specifications

Glass cabinets are a type of furniture that allows you to store and organize kitchen equipment or any other type of object, in a way that facilitates access to them. Its main characteristic is that its doors are made of glass, this is undoubtedly what makes all the difference, not only will a more modern space be achieved, but also a more elegant, sophisticated and comfortable one.

They are made of tempered glass, which stands out for their ease of cleaning, resistance to scratches, and attractiveness. As for its thickness, it ranges from 3 to 6 mm, complementing its structure with other types of resistant and durable materials such as metal, PVC, and oak wood. They are the perfect accessory for any space, no matter its size!

Indeed, its beauty can be appreciated in any room of the home, and not only in the living room where in past times it was very common to notice it, now they are very much in trend in kitchens, dressing rooms, and businesses. Depending on the size and its usefulness, there are horizontal, vertical, and two-piece ones. In any way, they print that different, special, and elegant touch to the decoration.

Of course, when choosing the ideal glass cabinet, it is important to take into account the rest of the decoration and furniture in the room, since its wide variety of colors (white, beige, gray, black, navy blue, etc.…) on their supports, these must combine with the other elements of the kitchen, living room, office or bedroom environment. Without a doubt, the result will be fascinating!

Advantages of glass cabinets

• Increase the attractiveness of rooms • They allow you to have everything in order • Material is strong and durable • They lighten the space more and give a clearer feeling • They take better advantage of the space of difficult corners and corners • It stands out for its ease of cleaning, and its resistance to scratches • They are adaptable to any room in the house • They save space • They provide elegance, luxury, and comfort • They allow you to have everything in view • Can be customized as needed

The best manufacturers of glass cabinet

At Shower Glass Installation NYC, we have an excellent team of professionals trained in engineering, architecture, and glass, making exclusive pieces with a glass of exceptional quality. We unite knowledge with the most advanced technology to guarantee a reliable and effective acquisition for all budgets.

With the products we offer, you will be able to obtain the perfect combination in all your rooms, achieving a very sophisticated and attractive decoration. The glass cabinets, which by the way are lovely! Of them, we have a wide variety of designs, sizes, and colors, perfect to combine with other furniture that, together with the glass they have, provide a special touch.

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Glass Cabinets New York
Glass Cabinets New York

Glass Cabinets New York
Glass Cabinets New York